I am a visual artist that designs holistic geometric stained glass and semi-precious stone wall pieces. 

My designs are inspired by nature, science, ancient cultures and holistic medicine. Many of my pieces offer a positive moment of reflection. 

I am interested in the cultural history and science behind energy patterns. Albert Einstein recognized quantum vibration in the early 1900s in his statement, “everything in life is vibration.” However, the advancement of current technology has shined a whole new light on the understanding of quantum physics. There is scientific proof of a universal vibration in everything, especially objects like quartz and other stones alike. We as a species are undergoing an awakening to the knowledge and wisdom somehow already understood by past civilizations. Stone healing can be dated back to before 8,000 BCE, from the ancient cultures in present day Greece, Egypt, Italy, China, Japan and India. Ancient peoples used stones and crystals to treat their physical and emotional health before current day medical systems were adopted. 

By studying and applying how ancient civilizations used stones in their daily lives, my desire is to inform and help people today maintain harmony in their home and community in a similar way.  

Through visual design, knowledge of stone properties, science and holistic stone healing used by ancient civilizations and by people today, I strive to create an experience for the viewer. A quiet moment observers can feel visually, emotionally and spiritually when in the presence of my artwork. I believe my art can help usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for the world; one person, one home and even one community at a time.  

I received my Masters in Fine Art from Pennsylvania State University and a Post-Baccalaureate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

I currently reside in Palm Beach, Florida.